Pageant and Special Occasion Music

The cool thing about being a musicologist and advocating music is different folks will ask you to do different things with music or music related media. This is the 15 year that I have been commissioned by the Town of Columbia, The Lions Club of Columbia, Alabama, The Columbia Al. Volunteer Fire Dept or the Houston County High School boosters to provide the music for the Miss. Columbia Pageant. Also I have produced music for the Miss. Peanut, Miss. Dothan, Ashford, Midland City and a few more town beauty pageants around the wiregrass area.  I have also been commissioned to mix music for weddings, funerals, birthdays and so on. The music for pageants is tricky because you have to know exactly,  first of all, what the theme of the pageant is and then the music for little miss may differ from that of junior miss and big miss.  Music for each pageant over the years may have come from composers/artists like Steve Haun, George Skaroulis, Tim Heintz, Brian Crain, Brad White, Pierre Grill, Mychael Danna, John Williams, Howard Shore, Larry Campbell, Brian Keane, Mark Isham, Christophe Beck, 2002, Iva Davies, Kenny Kleinpeter, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Harold Kloser, Thomas Wander, Carlyle Fraser, "Ray" and others. To many others to mention everyone here, there are just to many.  It is those composers that have a "light symphonic style" about them that I use their music. Oh, maybe one more, DANNY ELFMAN. I used his Edward Scissorhands soundtrack during my first commissioned Miss. Columbia Beauty Pageant.   

Music from lp / 78 to cd:

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