Sunday, September 30, 2018


New Orleans - Aug 13th 2018

Every time I come to New Orleans just outside the city about 50 miles I sense a comfort of almost seeing my son AND tune in to WWOZ or Sirus XM Bluesville and tune in some oldies of blues.  Delta, Mississippi, Chi-town, makes no difference to me, it does to some people but makes no difference to me what KIND OF BLUES. So I arrive early morning in NOLA; as I got up at 3:30 AM to leave for NOLA, arrive around 10:00 AM.  Ate a early lunch at Oragomi (best sushi in NOLA).  After which headed back to David's to watch BBC Cooking show and hang out with my buddy as I have not seen him in a while.  Before we knew it dinner time had arrived, we ate at Theo's the pesto pizza was better than that with NO SAUCE. Heard some blues and Jazz earlier and got my fix and was ready to go to bed.

Aug 14th up and ate breakfast at Pontilly Cafe' (no lachae (no milk),on to the WWII museum. Parked in the WWII museum parking deck. Beyond all Boundaries, excellent but sobering very overwhelming and very sobering.  NO WONDER I LOVE MUSIC so very much, it was the only comforting thing in the war. Other than letters home to wish soldiers back in the worst war in history, music was the only glue that kept folks at home and soldiers thousands of miles away together. Once finished at the museum.  David went to a b-day party and I went back down to Frenchman street to hear some music. I got another night of music blues and jazz wondering up and down the one side of the French Quarter.  

Aug 15th, David and I went on the TROLLEY RIDE for most of the day. Started at Pontilly Cafe' then onto the French Market where Jon Gillume, we could not find him but Donald Williams....blah blah

Then parked the car on Canal street and took the trolley to the French Market but then UP and DOWN St. Charles street.  So the driver of the street car was the uncle of J. Letti. 
Finally eating at La Madeleine (located at Carrollton and St. Charles); I had the Quiche Lorraine and a fruit cup and David had....excellent snack.  blah blah...then to Wing Stop for watching Auburn and LSU game and then headed to his apt for the BBC cooking show.. 

Aug 16th picked David up to go to Edgewater Baptist Church, today sad news at Edgewater, Chad Gilbert will be moving to Saint Charles to be assoc pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.  On to Subway after for lunch, then to nap one hour and change, went back to David's to hang out and watch the exciting conclusion to the BBC Star Baker for 2017.  It was not how I wanted it to end but not surprising who won.  We watched the entire season of the Dragon Prince a very good animated show with a score by Frederick Wiedmann that was superb. Home to eat the rest of my Subway as I wasn't really hungry and clean up for leaving for tomorrow. I really just wanted to be with David, since next I will see him maybe Christmas.  It was wonderful to be with him all 4 days. Tomorrow pick up breakfast at Mcdonald's at 6:45 to 7 AM and take a break with him at 7:30 and leave soon after for Alabama.