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I am thinking that almost every child in our world knows and loves (whether they want to admit to it or no, that they love a certain video game music). I know this because my nephews and son and niece along with their friends all have played the same games at my house or at a house I was relaxing at and heard the music in the background. It is with that, this page is dedicated. When my son was only 14, the game HALO was very popular and I met by phone Martin O'donnell, the composer of HALO. He gave me the insight that creating a music for a video game was not just a bunch of notes thrown around but a cleaver shifting of music around to fit a movie, like a score for a motion picture.  Video games became popular for me in the early 1980's, and I still remember the jingle to "ALPINE RACING" and all the Mario Brothers games. In the 1990's I remember the music to PAC MAN and other popular games, and in the mid 90's to current I remember all the music to my son's games including but not limited to: Kings Quest (the original, Chris Braymen composer), AIR COMMAND, OBLIVION, HALO (1,2 and 3 and now 4), Final Fantasy, Ace Combat, Age of Empires, Civilization, Counter Strike, Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, Earthworm Jim, Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, Jurassic Park, SONIC, ZELDA, Medal of Honor, all the Mario Brother games and all the battlefield games. To many to list here. I have about 60 video soundtracks in my collection and the most prized ones are that of HALO and Oblivion as both composers sent me their autographs and are hanging on my wall. There is a sight you can go to and obtain any video game download. it is:  
KINGS QUEST was an awesome soundtrack (simple music but hypnotic)
The final say so about Kings Quest is you can find the entire score at
Oblivion composed by Jeremy Soule is an absolute breathtaking piece of music.

GENRE: Soundtrack
DATE: 2006
QUALITY: 256 kbps
1. Reign of the Septims                        
2. Through the Valleys
3. Death Knell
4. Harvest Dawn
5. Wind From the Depths
6. King and Country
7. Fall of the Hammer
8. Wings of Kynareth
9. Alls Well
10. Tension
11. March of the Marauders
12. Watchman's Ease
13. Glory of Cyrodiil
14. Defending the Gate
15. Bloody Blades
16. Minstrel's Lament
17. Ancient Sorrow
18. Auriel's Ascension
19. Daedra in Flight
20. Unmarked Stone
21. Bloodlust
22. Sunrise of Flutes
23. Churl's Revenge
24. Deep Waters
25. Dusk at the Market
26. Peace of Akatos

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