WELCOME TO OUR STORE, WE WILL SOON HAVE ALMOST EVERY GENRE YOU CAN THINK OF. "NEW / SEALED" Compact disks and records are special priced for an economic lifestyle and we will soon have libretto and other special items to purchase, that are very rare to find.
We will soon offer burned compact disks (from archival records to compact disk)(ALSO from compact disk to compact disk "for educational purposes only"). These disks will be offered at a special price of 3.00 a song (each song is digitally remastered using the best audio equipment) and the great thing about this is the disk is "FREE!" All you pay for is the transfer from the record to the CD plus shipping and handling (which is reasonable). Almost all the records we have ("8000" 78's and LP's) are out of copyright, so you can pay for the final compact disk legally.
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