Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Orleans Lesson in Music 5/21/16 and updated Nov 19 2016

If New Orleans learned anything from Katrina, as over stated as that is, it is the lesson of keeping her head up and not drowning.  I had a great  time this past week with David, it was filled with watching re-runs of HOUSE MD, food, fellowship with his dorm buddies and MUSIC. Her hit from Mother Nature was a jolt indeed but sister New Orleans is filled with visitors (I noticed from the packed house at the Aquarium for the Americas and other places that we went, so visitors are coming back into the city. Mainly the MUSIC plays a great part again, because let's face it, that is what I focus on, Every place we went had music. EVERYWHERE.
On Saturday night I had the privilege of hearing Lars Edegran and Jamie Wight play together. The two curators of Jazzology that I had collaborating with in my blues and early jazz quest, were finally together in a band and I could hear the fruits of their labor. Incredible as the sound was and the great flawless band, my thought traveled back to that awful day when hurricane Katrina came into New Orleans and wiped out downtown. Now look, she has bounced back with her splendor, and music once again. I saw a half nude woman walking down the street while we waited for the Palm Court to open and yes she was almost nude and I thought to myself, I guess you have the take the bad with the good. So some of the filth is still in the streets but the unique people are coming back and so is the music.

here are some file photos of The Palm Court Cafe.  

below some art I captured 

portable recording studio to capture some archive

some more art captured

The BMC Lounge features great bands like Ovation and Got Blues ? The BMC (Balcony Music Club) is located at 1331 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

a great trip to New Orleans and funny how fast time slips away when you are having a great time. Thank you David for a wonderful memory.

Nov 19th 2016 (Saturday Night in New Orleans).  There is a mis-nomer about New Orleans nightlife, that everything must be foul or vulgar. That is not true at all. Most of you know I do not drink and when I am in New Orleans I must stay focused on what I want to do in my leisure (when I am not with my son),  That is music. New Orleans is synonyms with the music that she presents in a wide vast area. David had plans already to go to a baseball game, that left me "with plenty to do".  I started  by driving downtown at night, Which driving in New Orleans at night might frighten some folks, I have gotten used to it AND if you drive like you are "supposed" to then the traffic will not intimidate you at all.  I started by going right back where my son and I went this morning (The French Market), By 6:30 everything was wrapping up and folks were going home SO that made for less traffic on the road EVEN THOUGH other folks took advantage of the night life scene and was coming into town. Nevertheless, I found a parking place fairly easily and head down Frenchman Street by way of Royal Street. I heard it. The sound pieced the air as the cold wind blowing into the surrounding park trees. It was almost freighting that the blowing trees were keeping time with the actual music that was being played down the street AND channeling right there to my ear. WOW. I was already in tears. I started by listening to the band posted in the video here.....

(((((((( place video here ))))))))

The sound quality is not very good BECAUSE if you are not tipping they are not playing. But I tipped these guys about 3 dollars in change and they allowed me to record them but across the street. It seems with a cel phone you are welcome to video tape BUT with a Sony Cam you are not, only across the street. So once I enjoyed the bluegrass sound of  this band I approached the other bars and pubs of Frenchman Street (oh by the way they don't like you using a camera either). They were not ugly just protective. I get that. On down the street I went from one smoke filled bar to the other, My lungs gasping for a breathe at every interval. It was however a sacrifice I would want to take to hear some of the finest music in New Orleans. I went into 12 bars or pubs listening to just a few segments of music that they were playing. One had a one man band "playing a guitar, drums, cymbals, harmonica and piano was close by in case the ambiance needed to be called for piano. LOL. He was good. With his little Jame Taylor thing going on but I needed to sample all the music and then come back to that one in particular I liked. Some of these places do not post whom plays there, because from hour to hour they do not know if they will show or not. Most hungry musicians will show up on time. Most homeless street performers will show up on time so that another one will not come along and get their spot.